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Our lab is located in the department of Biology at Colorado State University at Fort collins at the foothills of magnificently beautiful Rocky mountains

i) Our lab in pictures

ii) our lab in a movie (coming soon)


Department of Biology


Mike is checking his temperature after a day's work-one of the undergrads in our lab

Max is practicing for the 4th of July fire work-GFP fused with proteins is one of the powerful approach employed in our lab

Is Irene excited or ???? with her results?

Max is playing magics with transgenics


It might work!-Vaka is loading PCR machine



Will I ever have a break from preparing sandwitches?-Allison working in the hood


Where are my bands?-Gul shad with gel imaging equipments

I do't see any results-Sung-bong with phospore Imager "Storm" machine

Electrocuting bacteria, now this is fun!-Sung-bong with electrophoration equipment

I am going to stab myself...with a pipette-Gul Shad at his work bench


I am most happily going to eat this stuff!-Vaka is taking time out of the work to smile for the camera


This thing has nothing in it?-Allison is measuring DNA in a Spec

Max is pressing french fries!

Sun-bong is loading centrifuge with contaminents

Watching movies on the internet

Go ahead Vaka, drink it!-Vaka is working on his bench

`what will happen if I drink this stuff`

The magic hands performing on the centrifuge

They say it could reduce your work from months to years-a Real time PCR machine-the latest addition to our Core molecular biology equipments

RNA gels running in the fume-hood


I can work in a beauty parler too!

I know waht you mean!

10 on this pipette means 100 microlitre












International space shuttle crew poses for the picture on their second day in space




This chamber was supposed to be for tissue culture grown plants, NOT potted plants