Feminist Philosophies

Philosophy 251


- Schedule of Readings -



Background Concepts

Wednesday, January 20

(Introductory material; no reading)

Friday, January 22

Excerpts from When Everything Changed, Gail Collins
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Monday, January 25

"The Women's Crusade," Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn
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Wednesday, January 27

 "Five Faces of Oppression," Iris Marion Young
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 3-16

Friday, January 29

  "What If It's (Sort of) a Boy and (Sort of) a Girl?" Elizabeth Weil
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Monday, February 1

"Gender and Social Construction: Who? What? When? Where? How?" Sally Haslanger
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 16-23

Wednesday, February 3

"Anti-Essentialism and Intersectionality: Tools to Dismantle the Master's House," Trina Grillo
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 30-40

Friday, February 5

"Cross-Cultural Connections, Border-Crossings, and 'Death by Culture,'" Uma Narayan
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 62-78

Monday, February 8

"The Problem of Speaking for Others," Linda Alcoff
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 78-92

Wednesday, February 10

(Background concepts continued; no new reading)

Friday, February 12

"The Second Sex (Introduction)," Simone de Beauvoir
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 114-124

Monday, February 15

"Human Capabilities, Female Human Beings," Martha C. Nussbaum
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 124-140

Wednesday, February 17

"Social Change on Behalf of Battered Women: Reforming the Criminal Justice System," Susan Schechter
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 140-150

Friday, February 19

Excerpt from The Second Shift, Arlie Hochschild
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Monday, February 22

"Justice, Gender, and the Family," Susan Moller Okin
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Wednesday, February 24

"Why a Feminist Approach to Bioethics?" Margaret Olivia Little
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Friday, February 26

"Gender and the Biological Sciences," Kathleen Okruhlik
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Monday, March 1

(Okruhlik continued; no new reading)

Wednesday, March 3

"Women and Public Housekeeping," Jane Addams
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 187-188

Friday, March 5

"Why Women Need the Goddess: Phenomenological, Psychological, and Political Reflections," Carol P. Christ
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 211-219

Monday, March 8

"Notes Toward a Feminist Maternal Peace Politics," Sara Ruddick
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 225-237

Wednesday, March 10

"Moral Orientation and Moral Development," Carol Gilligan
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 200-210

Friday, March 12

"Autonomy as Emotion," Niza Yanay and Beverly Birns
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Monday, March 22

"Standpoint Theory as a Site of Political, Philosophic, and Scientific Debate," Sandra Harding
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Wednesday, March 24

"Feminist Politics and Epistemology: The Standpoint of Women," Allison Jaggar
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Friday, March 26

"Learning from the Outsider Within: The Sociological Significance of Black Feminist Thought," Patricia Hill Collins
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Monday, March 29

"The Project of Feminist Epistemology: Perspectives from a Nonwestern Feminist," Uma Narayan
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Wednesday, March 31

"Difference and Dominance: On Sex Discrimination," Catherine MacKinnon
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 244-255

Friday, April 2

"Desire and Power," Catherine MacKinnon
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 256-265

Monday, April 5

"Foucault, Femininity, and the Modernization of Patriarchal Power," Sandra Lee Bartky
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 277-292

Wednesday, April 7

(Film; no new reading)

Friday, April 9

(Group discussion day)

Monday, April 12

"Sex and Violence: a Perspective," Catherine MacKinnon
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 256-271

Wednesday, April 14

(Film; no new reading)

Friday, April 16

(Group discussion day)

Monday, April 19

"Material Girl," Susan Bordo
Theorizing Feminisms, pp. 385-404

Wednesday, April 21

(Film; no new reading)

Friday, April 23

(Group discussion day)

Monday, April 26

Presentations; no reading

Wednesday, April 28

Presentations; no reading

Friday, April 30

Presentations; no reading

Monday, May 3

Presentations; no reading

Wednesday, May 5

Presentations; no reading

Friday, May 7

Presentations; no reading