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What is IOPAC?

The Industrial/Organizational Psychology Association of Colorado (IOPAC) is the I/O graduate student organization at Colorado State University.

imageOur Mission is To:

  1. To promote professional development and growth within the field of I/O psychology.

  2. To provide an arena for students in CSU's graduate program to voice their ideas and concerns.

IOPAC coordinates many of the program’s events, such as the Fall banquet, recruitment weekend in the Spring, and CSU’s hospitality suite at SIOP every year. Check out pictures of these events. Each Spring, we also publish a newsletter for our valued alumni and friends of the program.

Please join CSU for our annual SIOP suite in Honololulu, Hawaii.

Kicking off Fall 2013, IOPAC is proud to announce its newest program, "Mentoring Undergrads to Graduate School Success” or MUGSS. The goal of this program is to foster growth within the field of I/O psychology by helping undergrads become competitive applicants to I/O graduate programs. MUGSS matches current CSU I/O graduate students with undergraduates who aspire to attend I/O graduate programs. In addition to this invaluable one-on-one support, MUGSS mentors will also deliver a variety of department-wide workshops which will cover the basics of the graduate school application process.

2013-2014 IOPAC Goals:

1.    To promote student development and the CSU brand.

2.    To create a forum for safe discussion and collegiality among students.

3.    To encourage and foster community involvement within the I/O psychology, CSU, and Fort Collins communities.

Recent IOPAC Practicum Projects:

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