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Metric supplies and training aids

A PDF version of this supplies list, which is more printer-friendly, is available at: supplies-list.pdf.

Cover to USMA SI Guide
Guide to the Use of the Metric System [SI Version]

17th edition, 2007: A 34-page complete guide which shows the metric system units and symbols (short forms) and gives rules for using them. Appendixes contain information on technical units used in industry, conversion factors for the most commonly used units, and tips for remembering the everyday units and their sizes.

  • 1 to 9 copies: $15.00 each, plus $4.00 shipping/handling
  • 10 or more copies: $12.00 each, plus $5.00 shipping/handling

200 mm ruler
Plastic Ruler, 200 mm (20 cm) in length

Sturdy plastic, white with black type. A handy size that is easy to use. Has millimeter (mm) markings on one side and centimeter (cm) markings on the other side.

  • package of 10: $9.00, plus $4.00 shipping/handling
  • package of 30: $25.00, plus $7.00 shipping/handling
  • package of 100: $70.00, plus $10.00 shipping/handling

measuring tape
Durable Plastic Measuring Tape, 150 cm (1.5 m) long

Shows mm, cm, and dm divisions (marked in blocks of red, blue, and yellow, in alternating 10 cm segments). Easy to read. Will not fray or stretch.

  • $5.00 each, plus $2.00 each shipping/handling
  • package of 10: $40.00, plus $5.50 shipping/handling
  • package of 20: $70.00, plus $8.00 shipping/handling

Celsius thermometer
Celsius Thermometer

Mounted on white, lightweight plastic. Measures about 5 cm wide by 15 cm long. Hole provided for hanging the thermometer. Registers from -30 °C to 50 °C. Excellent as a metric teaching or training aid.

  • package of 10: $7.00, plus $3.00 shipping/handling
  • package of 50: $30.00, plus $5.00 shipping/handling
  • package of 100: $50.00, plus $8.00 shipping/handling

SI poster
"The Metric System" Poster

A very colorful wall chart measuring 71 cm high by 53 cm wide and printed on thick glossy paper. Pictorially describes metric units for length, mass, temperature, volume, and more.

  • $10 each poster, includes shipping/handling in a mailing tube
  • Add $7 for each additional poster
  • For non-U.S. orders, contact USMA via mail or email to obtain cost of shipping/handling

poster 1poster 2poster 3poster 4poster 5
Set of 5 Posters, Build Metric Awareness

A set of five colorful metric posters, each measuring 55 cm high by 32 cm wide.

  • $20.00 per set of 5 posters, plus $7.00 shipping/handling per set

SI Units chart Free Poster, SI Units (The International System of Units)

A printed two-color (black and red) poster (28 cm by 43 cm) that shows the SI-metric units and their interrelationships. Includes all SI base and most SI derived units with special names. Posters are free for the cost of shipping and handling. To print your own copy of this poster on letter-size paper, see USMA's metric posters page for a PDF.

  • 1 to 9 posters: $1.50 each shipping/handling
  • 10 or more posters: contact USMA via mail or email for the cost of shipping and handling

Think Metric mug Available while supply lasts: Think Metric Mugs

This 250 mL mug is dark blue with gold printing showing names and symbols of common SI units, and is available while supplies last.

  • $15.00 each mug (includes shipping and handling)

conversion factors sheet Conversion Factors

A comprehensive one-page table that provides conversion factors both from inch-pound units to metric system units and from metric units to inch-pound units. Shows the conversion factors for length, area, volume, torque, mass, energy/work, power, pressure/stress, force, speed, and temperature. [Shipping/handling for 1 to 3 copies: $1.00; for 4 to 9 copies: $3.00; for 10 to 30 copies: $4.00]

  • 1 to 5 copies: $2.00 each
  • 6 to 9 copies: $1.50 each
  • 10 or more copies: $1.00 each

Go Metric Bumper Stickers
Type #2
Type #3
bumper sticker #2
bumper sticker #3
Blue and white background with red lettering
(70 mm by 300 mm)
White background with blue and red lettering
(76 mm by 287 mm)
Both bumper stickers read: GO METRIC. Can be affixed to notebooks, lockers, bulletin boards, etc., as well as used as a bumper sticker. Supplies of some types are limited. When ordering, please indicate whether your order is for type #2 or #3 bumper stickers.
  • package of 10: $7.00, plus $3.00 shipping/handling
  • package of 50: $32.50, plus $7.00 shipping/handling
  • package of 100: $60.00, plus $10.00 shipping/handling

Introductory Package

Contains one, each, of the following: Guide to the Use of the Metric System [SI Version], 200 mm (20 cm) ruler, 1.5 m tape measure, "Go Metric" bumper sticker, Celsius thermometer, Conversion Factor sheet, and SI Units poster. Items are pictured individually elsewhere on this page.

  • $21 each kit, plus $5 shipping/handling

Metric CD
Metric Bibliography CD / Metric Today Archive CD

A Metric Bibliography CD contains an extensive bibliography of references to articles about the metric system, metrication, and related standards published in English-language magazines, newspapers, periodicals, journals, and other serial publications since the 1940s. Readable with Microsoft® Works database software. In addition, a second Metric Today Archive CD contains the complete text in PDF of all issues of Metric Today from 1966 to the current issue.

  • $25.00 ($35 for non-members) for either CD, plus $5.00 shipping/handling
  • $40.00 ($50 for non-members) for both CDs, plus $5.00 shipping/handling

A Collectors' Item

U.S. postal cover (stamped and postmarked envelope) celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Metric Conversion Act of 1975 (and the 25th anniversary of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)). Postmarked during the 1985 USMA-NASA Metric Conference held at MSFC in Huntsville AL. Available while quantities last.

  • $4.00 each cover, includes shipping/handling

Metric Today USMA Membership

Includes a subscription to USMA's bi-monthly newsletter Metric Today, as well as other member-only benefits.

  • Individual: $30/year, $58/2-years, $85/3-years
  • Full-time student: $15/year
  • Foreign: $35/year
  • Lifetime: $500 (one time only)
  • Business/government: $150/year (includes 6 copies of each issue of Metric Today)

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS for metric supplies and training aids:

Payment must be made in U.S. currency. [Electronic (Internet) payments are not accepted.] All orders must be accompanied by remittance or MasterCard/Visa/Discover information. If business or government policy requires billing or invoicing, a $2.00 billing charge will be added.

For items not indicated as postpaid, or when ordering several different items, the following shipping/handling list may be used, if desired, to determine the amount of shipping/handling to send (instead of totaling the shipping/handling amounts shown with prices of the products):

The above rates are for shipping within the U.S. only. For orders outside the U.S., obtain information on cost of shipping/handling by contacting USMA via mail or email.

[Shipping/handling charges given cover the most inexpensive method of shipping. If customer needs fast delivery of the order, contact USMA via mail or email about the shipping/handling cost for speedy delivery.]

Please provide the following REQUIRED information:

ORDER FORM for metric supplies and training aids:























Please provide the following REQUIRED information if paying by charge card:

*last three digits on the back of the card

Or, make your check payable to: U.S. Metric Association, and mail it to USMA.

A PDF version of this supplies list, which is more printer-friendly, is available at: supplies-list.pdf.

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