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Metric signs on roads in the U.S.

This Web page is devoted to examples of signs showing metric measurements (mostly on roads) in the U.S.

Viewers are encouraged to send examples of other metric signs, including information on where the signs are located and when the photographs were taken, to the USMA Webmaster.

There are two ways to view the signs:

  1. Click on a state symbol on the map to see signs in that state.

  2. Scroll down to browse through all signs; the most recently added are at the top.

Not all signs shown meet current standards; see the MUTCD standards for metric road signs in the U.S..

Only states with sign photos are clickable. Some items cross state lines, so the same signs may appear on more than one state's page.

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Distance sign

Kauai, HI

Metric distance signs on Kauai.

Woodbury NY

Woodbury NY

Hospital distance sign in Woodbury NY.

Dansville NY

Dansville NY

Meter Rd sign in Dansville NY.

The Hubb, Pahrump NV

The Hubb Bar & Saloon, Pahrump NV

Metric distance sign on Nevada highway 372 just outside of Pahrump NV.

I-25 near Santa Fe

I-25 near Santa Fe, NM

Metric distance sign on I-25 near Santa Fe, NM.

Big Sur

Big Sur, CA

Metric distance sign on Route 1, Los Padres National Forest, Gorda, CA.

Willow Falls Trail

Willow River State Park, WI

Metric distance sign for Willow Falls Trail in Willow River State Park near Hudson WI.

Colonial Parkway

Colonial Parkway, VA

Metric distance sign on the Colonial Parkway that extends from Yorktown to Jamestown VA.

Bush Park

Bush Park, Salem OR

Metric distance markers in Bush Park, Salem OR.

Seneca Park Zoo

Seneca Park Zoo, Rochester NY

Metric and customary distance sign in the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester NY.

Ft Myers

Ft Myers, FL

Metric speed limit signs in Ft Myers, FL.


I-19 between Tucson and Nogales, AZ

Metric distance signs on I-19 between Tucson and Nogales, AZ.

Locust Valley NY

Locust Valley, NY

Metric and customary distance sign in Locust Valley, NY.

Pacifica CA

Pacifica, CA

Metric and customary distance sign during road construction in Pacifica, CA.

Mt. Diablo State Park CA

Mt. Diablo State Park, CA

Metric and customary distance sign in Mt. Diablo State Park, CA.

North Hills NY

North Hills, NY

Metric and customary hospital distance sign in North Hills, NY.

Farmingdale NY

Farmingdale, NY

Metric and customary hospital distance sign in Farmingdale, NY.

Point Roberts WA

Point Roberts, WA

Metric gas prices and speed limit sign in Point Roberts WA.


I-95 near Portsmouth, NH

Metric distance sign on I-95 north near Portsmouth, NH.

Blaine WA

Blaine WA

Metric speed limit sign in Blaine WA.

I-15 Mojave

Highway 101 near L.A. and I-15 in the Mojave Desert, CA

Metric and customary distance signs, one northwest of Los Angeles on Highway 101 and a similar one on I-15 in the Mojave Desert, CA.

Imperial-Express elevation sign

Imperial Express SuperChair elevation sign

A metric elevation sign at the top of the Imperial Express SuperChair ski lift at Breckenridge Ski Resort, Breckenridge CO.

Hawaii milepost

Hawaii road signs

See examples of a kilometer post sign, an elevation sign, and a warning sign with metric distances on roads in Hawaii.

Corkscrew Swamp

Corkscrew Swamp, Naples, FL

Metric distance signs on the boardwalk at Corkscrew Swamp, Naples, FL.

Gaithersburg MD

Gaithersburg, MD

Metric and customary speed limit sign in Gaithersburg MD.

Clayton MO

Clayton, MO

Historical metric and customary speed limit sign in Clayton MO.

Newton Cy

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, GA

Metric distance sign at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park outside Atlanta GA.

Johnston Ridge Visitor Center

Mt. St. Helens, WA

Metric distance sign, Mt. St. Helens, WA.

St. Johns, MI

St. Johns, MI

Metric distance sign, St. Johns, MI.

Cleveland 151 km

I-71 in Ohio

Metric distance signs on I-71 in Ohio.

I-89, Vermont

I-89 between Montpelier and Waterbury VT

Metric distance sign on I-89 between Montpelier and Waterbury VT.

Harriman Trail, Sun Valley ID

Harriman Trail, Sun Valley ID

Distance marker on the Harriman Trail in Sun Valley ID.

Eliza Furnace Trail, Pittsburgh PA

Eliza Furnace Trail, Pittsburgh PA

Distance markers along the Eliza Furnace Trail in Pittsburgh PA.

Austin, TX

Austin, TX

Street name sign at the intersection of Metric Blvd and Centimeter Cir in Austin, TX.

Pope County, IL

Pope County, IL

Street name sign with metric distance measurement in Pope County, IL.


Santa Barbara, CA

Metric and customary speed limit sign seen while driving into the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

Roscoe, IL

Roscoe, IL

Street name sign for Metric Drive in Roscoe, IL.

York, ME

Plainfield, CT

Metric distance sign in Plainfield, CT.

York, ME

York, ME

Metric speed limit sign in York, ME.

Natural Bridges National Monument

Natural Bridges National Monument, UT

Metric distance sign at Natural Bridges National Monument, UT.

Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, FL

Metric speed limit signs at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, FL.

East Syracuse

East Syracuse, NY

Metric and customary Adopt-a-Highway sign sponsored by East Syracuse-Minoa High School in East Syracuse, NY.

Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch, St. Louis

Metric and customary height sign inside the Gateway Arch at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis.

Glacier NP

Logan Pass, Glacier National Park, Montana

Metric and customary elevation sign at Logan Pass, the highest point on the Going-to-the-Sun Highway at the Continental Divide, in Glacier National Park, Montana.


Tennessee: Chattanooga, Cleveland, and Knoxville

Metric and customary distance signs on I-24 eastbound near Chattanooga, I-75 southbound near Cleveland, TN, and I-75 southbound near Knoxville.


Yellowstone National Park

Metric and customary elevation sign atop Wyoming's Mt. Washburn in Yellowstone National Park.

Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs, CO

Metric speed limit signs on U.S. 40 through Steamboat Springs, CO. The story of these signs was written up for the 2001 Jan/Feb issue of Metric Today.

Death Valley

Death Valley, CA

Metric and customary elevation sign at Badwater Basin, the lowest point in the U.S., in Death Valley National Park, Calif. Photograph taken in March 2004 by Paul Sallmen of Burnaby, BC.

Newton Cy

Newton County, GA

Metric and customary speed limit sign in Newton County GA. Image provided by Thomas Udell, P.E. (Picture taken 2004.)


Lawrence, NY

Metric and customary hospital distance sign at the intersection of Rockaway Turnpike and Central Avenue in Lawrence, NY. Image provided by Tom Li. (Picture taken 2005 June.)


I-87, Champlain, NY

Metric and customary speed limit signs on southbound I-87 just before Exit 42 in Champlain NY. (Picture taken by Averill Hecht, as seen on the Website New York State Submitted Photos Gallery: Road Scenes, Signals and More.)


JFK Airport, New York City

Metric and customary speed limit sign at the beginning of the exit ramp at Terminal 3 of JFK Airport (Jamaica NY [Queens]). Note that the symbol for kilometers incorrectly has a capital K, and that the division symbol (slash) and hour (h) are missing from the metric side. Image provided by Tom Li. (Picture taken 2004 August.)

Rapid City

US 16, Rapid City, SD

Dual unit distance and speed limit signs on U.S. Highway 16 southwest of Rapid City SD and at Buffalo Gap National Grassland.

Mitchell, SD

Mitchell, SD

Metric and customary speed limit signs. (Pictures taken 2004 July.) There are many of these signs on Highway 37 bypass on the northwest side of Mitchell, SD.

Alabama 177

Alabama route 177

A kilometer marking post located along northbound Alabama route 177, one of the few remaining kilometer markers that once graced all Interstate, U.S., and State highways within Alabama. (Picture taken by Andy Field and Alex Nitzman in 2002, Webmasters of Welcome to South East Roads @


I-265, Jefferson County, KY

A few exit signs along I-265 in Jefferson County, Kentucky have the distances marked in kilometers as well as in miles. Images from H.B. Elkins Website Interesting Signs in Kentucky.

Old Westbury

Old Westbury, NY

Metric distance sign located at the intersection of I.U. Willets Road and Guinea Woods Road in Old Westbury NY, just off Exit 30 of the Northern State Parkway. Image provided by Tom Li. (Picture taken 2004 May.)


I-293 near Manchester, NH

Metric distance signs on I-293 near Manchester, NH. Images courtesy of USMA member John Woelflein.

Durham freeway

Durham Freeway

Metric distance sign on the Durham Freeway (NC Highway 147) somewhere around mile marker 9 between downtown and Research Triangle Park. Image courtesy of Jimmey Storey.



Metric-oriented restaurant signs from USMA members Jim Elwell, who supplied a photograph of a sign for La Caille restaurant in Salt Lake City UT, and Joe Mayer, the owner of the White Oaks Restaurant in Westlake OH (a western suburb of Cleveland OH). Both signs appeared in the 2002 Nov/Dec issue of Metric Today.

Delaware 1

Dover/Smyrna bypass, Delaware State Route 1

Metric signs for the Dover/Smyrna bypass section of Delaware State Route 1 were installed in metric to conform with what were, in 1993, the current Federal Guidelines. It was Delaware's first metric highway, including kilometer markers! The kilometer marking posts and the corresponding exit numbers remain, but the other signs were revised to miles. Information provided by Michael Williams, Community Relations Officer, DelDOT Public Relations. Images courtesy of the DelDOT Website.

Fort Collins

Whalers Way in Fort Collins, CO

Metric distance on traffic-calming (speed bump) signs on Whalers Way (street) in Fort Collins CO. (Pictures taken 2003 September.) These are the only two such signs in the city, one at each end of this stretch of road.

US 7

U.S. 7 between Manchester and Bennington, VT

Metric elevation sign, southbound on U.S. 7 between Manchester and Bennington VT. Image courtesy of James D. Teresco.

Maine Turnpike

Maine Turnpike

Metric distance signs on Maine Turnpike, I-95 North, and at the western terminus of I-195. Images courtesy of James D. Teresco.

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