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Metrication Resources for Businesses

The U.S. Metric Association (USMA) offers to business/government members:

Special Research Services: Business/Government members are eligible to request a search be made in USMA's comprehensive metric files for specific types of metric information these members need and cannot find in libraries or other sources of metric-system data. USMA's membership includes the nation's top metric authorities; therefore, business/government members may obtain references to the services of qualified metric consultants/metric-education-experts with experience in the areas of metric transition and planning.

General Guidance to Companies Involved in Going Metric: A document from a U.S. Metric Association book, Guidance for Companies Considering Converting Their Operations to Using the Metric System. The original edition of Guidance was published in 1991. It was revised in 1994 and 1997, but USMA no longer sells the book because it is long out of date. The attached section can nevertheless be useful as long as the reader bears in mind its age.

Going Metric Pays Off: What are the benefits of going metric? Answers can be found in the experiences of various businesses in their metric transition, from a collection of reprints of articles from Metric Today and other sources.

Some other metric supplies and training aids available from USMA:

Guide to the Use of the Metric System [SI Version]: A 32-page complete style guide covering SI-metric units and rules for using them, plus tips for remembering the everyday units.

Metric Today: A bi-monthly newsletter sent to all USMA members. It provides a variety of news on metric system developments here and abroad, plus information on new metric products and upcoming conferences.

Metric Supplies and Training Aids: USMA has available, for purchase, many reasonably-priced supplies and training aids: metric rulers, Celsius thermometers, posters, conversion factor sheets, SI unit relationship diagram, measuring tapes, booklets giving tips on computer metric usage and metrication in medicine, etc.

USMA Membership: U.S. Individual, $30 per year; Foreign, $35 per year; Business/Government, $150 per year [includes 6 copies of each issue of Metric Today for distribution to personnel]

Puzzles and Quizzes: A large number of puzzles and quizzes relating to the metric system, all provided in PDF format, that stimulate metric thought while having fun. Some were derived from a series of fliers USMA produced in the 1980s.

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