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USMA Certified Metrication Specialist (CMS) program

The Certified Metrication Specialist (CMS) program is the only bona-fide metric certification program available. It is a carefully monitored program under the direction of some of the nation's top metric-system experts who operate as the USMA Certified Metrication Specialist Board. The CMS program is designed to provide documentary evidence for individuals who can qualify as metrication specialists because of their education and experience in the use of the modern metric system which is known as SI (the International System of Units). The original certification expires in 3 years. To verify that holders of CMS certificates are keeping abreast of new developments in SI, arrangements have been made, by USMA, for re-certification of each individual. This re-certification takes place 3 years after award of the initial certificate and upgrades the rating to a Lifetime certification.

Requirements for the Certified Metrication Specialist Lifetime Rating

The CMS program is structured to help maintain professional standards in the field of metrication. With U.S. conversion to SI, companies, schools, government agencies, businesses, and other facilities will seek personnel who, in addition to their job skills, are knowledgeable about SI. Any person who is knowledgeable about SI units/symbols and the rules for using them is eligible for certification as a metrication specialist. However, each applicant must supply proof that he/she has been involved in metric activities where the knowledge of SI has been obtained and expanded. A CMS applicant does not have to be a member of the USMA to become a Certified Metrication Specialist, and being a member of the USMA does not automatically confer CMS status.

Categories of metrication specialist certification include:

The fee for processing both CMS and CAMS applications to ensure applicants are qualified to take either of the examinations and for preparing and delivering the certificate and plaque is: $100 for USMA members; and $150 for non-members.

To obtain details on the CMS program and application/reference forms, send $5 to USMA

If you have questions about the CMS program, contact the CMS Board Chairman:

Christopher M. Stone, PE, CMS
c/o Clark Nexsen
6160 Kempsville Circle, Suite 200A
Norfolk VA 23502-3934

Phone: 757-455-5800
Fax: 757-455-5638

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