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The page contains periodical (magazine and newspaper) articles about the metric system. Also included are shorter news items, editorials, and letters to the editor. In addition, an extensive Metric Bibliography of articles published since the mid 1940s has been compiled. A list of metric cartoons is also available on this Website.

Order of items in references below:

Many of the articles are accompanied by links to online versions on the Web, but often those sites are active for only a limited time. In those cases a hard copy of the article is all that may be available, which must be obtained from a library or requested through interlibrary loan. Please do not request articles from USMA, as they are not necessarily in the USMA files.

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Periodical and online articles by year:

YearNumber of articles
1995 and before
(online articles only)

Year 2015 periodical and online articles [7 items]:

  1. Farm Journal, 2015-late-spring, p.38, Phipps,J.; Overreaching for the stars. (One of several ideas to make lives better: The US should switch to the metric system.)
  2. Metrologia, v.52(?), 2015-?, p.40-47, Mohr,P.J.; Phillips.W.D.; Dimensionless units in the SI.
  3. Metrologia, v.52(2), 2015-Apr, p.?, Stock,M.; Barat,P.; Davis,R.S.; Picard,A.; Milton,M.J.T.; Calibration campaign against the international prototype of the kilogram in anticipation of the redefinition of the kilogram part 1: Comparison of the international prototype with its official copies.
  4. (Oregon's Mid-Willamette Valley) Statesman Journal, 2015-Jan-29, 1p., Lippsmeyer.M.; letters to the editor: Oregon not ready for metric system. []
  5. Physics Today, v.68(2), 2015-Feb, p.8,10, Ross,C.; Readers' Forum: Thoughts on the proposed SI units
  6. (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot, 2015-Jan-05, 1p., Kibler,A.; Letters to the editor: A ton of measurement info[rmation]. []
  7. Westchester Magazine, 2015-?, p.?, Kahn,L.; Sound off (letters and comments from our readers): Metric measurements.

Year 2014 periodical and online articles [20 items]:

  1. (Allentown PA) Morning Call, 2014-Jun-27, 2p., Carpenter,P.; Metric system switch is long overdue, as illustrated in Trexlertown. [,0,5084274.column]
  2. (Allentown PA) Morning Call, 2014-Jul-02, 2p., Carpenter,P.; Metric conversion commentary brings lopsided reactions in favor of a switch. [,0,3294191.column]
  3. ASTM Standardization News, 2014-May/Jun, p.?, Enright,C.; EnRoute: Of SI and standards: Including units in standards. []
  4. (Boulder CO) Daily Camera, 2014-May-29, 1p., Bushnell,R.; letter: One unit of measurement would be better. []
  5. (Salt Lake City UT) Deseret News, 2014-Dec-10, 1p., Overson,W.; letter: Adopt metric system. []
  6. Engineering Minnesota, v.49(12), 2014-?, p.9, Transportation: Final days for the metric system?
  7. NAAS (National Association of Academies of Science) News, 2014-spring, p.2, A resolution to adopt and implement the metric system in the United States.
  8. (Canadian) National Post, 2014-Dec-27. 1p., Kay,J.; Full comment (book review): You will never look at a ruler, thermometer or measuring cup in quite the say way again. []
  9. (Canadian) National Post, ?(?), 2014-Dec-30, 4p., Hopper,T.; World: Why are we still using a 'second-rate' calendar system 'imposed by a pope over 400 years ago'? []
  10. New York Times, 2014-Aug-22, 2p., Marciano,J.B.; Sunday book review: Not giving an inch: Whatever happened to the metric system? []
  11. The Norwich (CT) Bulletin, 2014-Sep-21, 2p., Our view: Include metrics in highway exit re-numbering plan. []
  12. Physics Today, v.67(7), 2014-Jul, p.27-33, Speake,C.; Quinn,T.; The search for Newton's constant.
  13. Physics Today, v.67(7), 2014-Jul, p.35-41, Newell,D.B.; A more fundamental International System of Units.
  14. The (Sierra Vista AZ) Herald, 2014-Jan-18, 4p., Hooton,K.Dr.; Writing wrongs: Explaining the metric system and kibibytes and kibitzers. []
  15. The (Sierra Vista AZ) Herald, 2014-Oct-16, 1p., Hooton,K.Dr.; Writing wrongs: Letters and words on letters and words [metric system] [>]
  16. Sioux City (IA) Journal, 2014-?, 1p., Hayworth,B.; 150 (Siouxland) Icons: KPH signs in Union County (South Dakota) are rarely seen relics. []
  17. Sunnyside (WA) Daily Sun News, 2014-May-21, 2p., Gjovaag,L.; Thinking metrically. []
  18. Time, 2014-Dec-15, 1p., Marciano,J.B.; Ideas: Society: Why won't America go metric? []
  19. Washington Times, 2014-Oct-07, 1p., anonymous; Editorial: End of the road for the metric system :Arizona ditches the last highway sign marked in kilometers. []
  20. Weights and Measures Connection, v.5(6), 2014-Aug-27, p.3, Gentry,E.; Outreach: Introducing the League of SI Superheroes. []

Year 2013 periodical and online articles [14 items]:

  1. Augusta (GA) Chronicle, 2013-Apr-04, 2p., Jasper,K.; Metric system use on rise in the US. []
  2. Failure Magazine, 2013-Jan, Zasky,J.; 3p., For good measure. []
  3. Globe and Mail, 2013-Jun-18, 2p., Jackman,P.; Collected wisdom: Marking the mercury. (Fahrenheit scale) []
  4. Golf, 2013-Jul-28, 3p., Ritter,J.; Trips: Bears! Mountains! The metric system! A golf adventure in Whistler (BC, Canada) []
  5. International Journal of Science Education, 35(8), 2013-?, p.1277-1298, Delgado,C.; Cross-cultural study of understanding of scale and measurements: Does the everyday use of US customary units disadvantage US students? []
  6. Journal of Mathematics Education, v.6(1), 2013-Jun, p.1-16, Liu,F.; Alagic,M.; Changing preservice elementary teachers' perceptions of teaching and learning the metric system. []
  7. Kansas City (MO) Star, 2013-Jul-16, 2p., Unglesbee,B.; Old videos to tackle an old problem: Getting US to go metric. []
  8. Nashville (TN) Business Journal, 2013-Jan-25, 1+p, Scarlett,J.; Guest editorial: Opinion: The metrics of good business. []
  9. Pharmacy Times, 2013-Sep-12, 2p., Gaunt,M.J.; Error-prone units of measure and device markings. []
  10. Scientific American, 2013-Aug-20, 3p., Wogan,D.; You know that the rest of the world has figured out? The metric system. It's time the US got on board. []
  11. (Oregon's Mid-Willamette Valley) Statesman Journal, 2013-Jul-13, 1p., Pearl,D.; Opinion: US must catch up on metric conversion. []
  12. Statesville (NC) Record and Landmark, 2013-Dec-21, 1p., Kverneland,K.; Letter: US must embrace metric system. []
  13. Tri-County (Michigan) Times, 2013-Oct-25, 1p., Childs,F.; If I were king: The Metric Conversion Act, 38 years later. []
  14. Wisconsin State Journal, 2013-May-08, 1p., Risop,W.; Past time for United States to adopt the metric system. []

Year 2012 periodical and online articles [14 items]:

  1. The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012-Jul-02, 3p., Hill,T.P.; The kilogram cabal.
  2. [The] Daily Campus, 2012-Sep-06, 2p., Goncalves,S.; US should think logically and adopt the metric system. []
  3. Defense Standardization Program (DSP) Journal, 2012-Jan/Mar, p.51, Events: Upcoming events and information: 2012 October 11, Washington DC: World Standards Day.
  4. Defense Standardization Program (DSP) Journal, 2012-Apr/Sep, p.59, Events: Upcoming events and information: 2012 October 11, Washington DC: World Standards Day.
  5. IEEE Spectrum, 2012-May, 6p., Courtland,R.; Consumer electronics/standards: The kilogram, reinvented. []
  6. International Journal of Applied Science and Technology, v.2(4), 2012-?, p.40-48, Craig,K.W.; No child left behind: Teaching the metric system in US schools. []
  7. Metrologia, v.49(?), 2012, p.487-491, Leonard,B.P.; Why the dalton should be redefined exactly in terms of the kilogram.
  8. New Scientist, 2012-Jul-05, 2p., Grant,B.; The Nutshell: Redefining the kilogram: Scientists has crafted two new definitions for the common unit of mass. The fight to pick the best one is getting nasty. []
  9. Science News, 2012-Oct-20, p.?, Brewer,J.R.; Feedback: Consider numbers. (kilometers per hour)
  10. South China (Hong Kong) Morning Post, 2012-Oct-15, 1p., 'Ambassadors' picked for promoting metric system. []
  11. Tri-Country (Michigan) Times, 2012-Aug-24, 1p., One gallon or two liters? []
  12. Vallejo (CA) Times Herald, 2012-Sep-17, 1p., Bak,E.; Catch up, US. []
  13. Wall Street Journal, 2012-Mar-09, 2p., Bialik,C.; Measuring metric's limits in the grocery isle. []
  14. Wall Street Journal, v.260(123), 2012-Nov-24, p.A1,A10, Scheck,J.; Cooking a pouncake in a metric oven is no easy task. []

Year 2011 periodical and online articles [29 items]:

  1. Assembly Magazine, 2011-May-02, 2p., Hoffman,J.; (Jacques) Hoffman on testing: Why are we still dragging our feet on metrics and English? []
  2. Chemistry International, v.33(5), 2011-Sep/Oct, 5p., Cunsullo,A.C.; Hill,T.P.; Miller,J.; Part-1: From the current "kilogram problem" to a proposed definition. []
  3. Chicago (IL) Tribune, 2011-Nov-20, 2p., Rosenthal,P.; Business columns: Will Congress be penny-wise and 454 grams-foolish? (Antoine,V.) [,0,6598320.column]
  4. Chronicle of Higher Education, 2011-Feb-08, 2p., Fendrich,L.; Brainstorm: Convert, then compete. []
  5. Defense Standardization Program (DSP) Journal, 2011-Jan/Mar, p.38, Events: Upcoming events and information: 2011 October 13, Washington.DC: World Standards Day.
  6. Defense Standardization Program (DSP) Journal, 2011-Jul/Sep, p.40, Events: Upcoming events and information: 2011 October 13, Washington DC: World Standards Day.
  7. Defense Standardization Program (DSP) Journal, 2011-Jul/Sep, p.43, Passings: John M. Tascher (US Metric Board, DoD metric coordinator)
  8. Detroit (MI) News, 2011-Oct-23, p.?, Printz,L.; Driving seems so much faster in kilometers. []
  9. [The] Dispatch (Columbus MS and the Golden Triangle), 2011-Nov-27, 2p., Hardy,R.; Measuring the measurements (World in Balance: The Historic Quest for an Absolute System of Measurement; Crease,R.) []
  10. [The] Economist, 2011-Oct-08, 1p., A history of measurement: From yardsticks to metre rule: A history of greater and greater accuracy. (World in Balance; Crease,R.) []
  11. Globe and Mail (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), 2011-Mar-16, 2p., Kerr,M.; I'm immeasurably challenged by imperial and metric. []
  12. Los Angeles (CA) Times, 2011-Feb-02, p.?, Tangherlini,F.R.; letter: A metric Sputnik (2011-Jan-30) [,0,2596200,full.story]
  13. (Montana) Missoulian, 2011-Feb-04, 2p., Chaney,R.; St. Regis (lumber) mill fills growing demand for metric lumber order in China. []
  14. Metrologia, v.48(?), 2011-?, p.83-86, Hill,T.P.; Miller,J.; Censullo,A.C.; Towards a better definition of the kilogram. []
  15. (Mt. Pleasant MI) Morning Sun, 2011-Jun-20, 2p., Fisher,E.; How many yards in a mile? (metric system) []
  16. Nature, 2011-Nov-09, 2p., Merali,Z.; Time is running out for the leap second (UTC). []
  17. New Scientist, 2011-Dec-07, 1p., Miller,A.I.; Inches to metres: How the metric system was born (World in Balance; Crease,R.P.) []
  18. New York (NY) Times, 2011-Feb-08, 1p., Editorial: The kilogram to come. []
  19. New York (NY) Times, 2011-Feb-20, 1p., Kuehne,M.; Letter: Defining the kilogram. (2011-Feb-09) []
  20. North Denver (Colorado) Tribune, 2011-Aug-31, 1p., Bancroft,R.; High cost of manufacturing: Only in America: Sponsored by our measurement system. []
  21. Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) Citizen, 2011-Jun-20, 2p., Spears,T.; Ottawa researchers redefining 'kilogram'" Official metal weight was crafted in 1879, scientists now use physics 'constants'. []
  22. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Av.369, 2011-Sep-22, p.3907-3924, Mills,I.M.; Mohr,P.J.; Quinn,T.J., Taylor,B.N.; Williams,E.R.; Adapting the International System of Units to the twenty-first century.
  23. (San Fernando Valley CA) Daily News, 2011-Jan-27, Vogt,F.; Letters: Time to switch to metric system.
  24. Seattle (WA) Post-Intelligencer, 2011-May-03, 1p., Gutierrez,S.; Getting there: Why aren't highway signs in kilometers, too? []
  25. Small Arms Review, v.14(6), 2011-Mar, p.84-87, Kontis,G.E.; Is it time to go metric for small arms?
  26. USA Today, 2011-Apr-19, 1p., Weise,E.; Scientists ask: Is the kilo losing weight? []
  27. Wall Street Journal, 2011-Oct-28, 2p., Snyder,L.J.; Bookshelf: The perfected yardstick. (World in the Balance; Crease,R.P.) []
  28. Wired Magazine, v.19(10), 2011-Oct, p.180-185,187,190, Keats,J.; Measure for measures:The search for a more perfect kilogram. []
  29. (Madison) Wisconsin State Journal, 2011-Nov-04, 1p., Henschel,M.; letter: Metric system slowly advancing in US. []

Year 2010 periodical and online articles [21 items]:

  1. Assembly Magazine, 2010-May-19, 2p., Weber,A.; US auto industry goes metric (wire standard). []
  2. Chemistry International, 2010-Nov/Dec, p.4-5, Rabinovich,D.; A philatelic tribute to the SI.
  3. Defense Standardization Program (DSP) Journal, 2010-Jan/Mar, p.42, Events: Upcoming events and information: 2010 September 23, Washington DC: 2010 World Standards Day.
  4. Defense Standardization Program (DSP) Journal, 2010-Apr/Jun, p.43, Events: Upcoming events and information: 2010 September 23, Washington DC: 2010 World Standards Day.
  5. Honolulu (HI) Star-Bulletin, 2010-Jan-14, 1p., Rosendal,H.; Island commentary: US should convert to metric, sooner the better. []
  6. Lincoln (NE) Journal-Star, 2010-Jan-24, 1p., Packard,N.; Letters: Metric system works. []
  7. Los Angeles (CA) Times, 2010-Dec-25, p.A11, Kozlowski,L.; Can the US inch toward a new yardstick? (D. Hillger interview) [,0,7630812.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fnews+%28L.A.+Times+-+Top+News%29&utm_content=My+Yahoo]
  8. Los Angeles (CA) Times, 2010-Dec-31, p.?, Bass,H.; Nelson,J.; Making it a metric US. (2010-Dec-25)
  9. New Scientist, v.?(2784), 2010-Oct-31, 2p., George,A.; UK's chief measurer (Brian Bowsher): Units unite the world. []
  10. New York (NY) Times, 2010-Sep-14, 3p., Lacey,M.; Metric Interstate (highway) divides Arizonans []
  11. North Denver (Colorado) Tribune, 2010-Jun-18, 1p., Bancroft,R.; Home: Letters to the editor: Metrics, a cost saving way to measure. []
  12. Physics Today, v.63(8), 2010-Aug, p.68-69, Zimmerman,N.M.; Quantum electrical standards. (ampere and other electrical units)
  13. Portage County (WI) Gazette, 2010-Mar-12, p,?, Schuh,J.; editorial: US has shied away from the metric system.
  14. Portage County (WI) Gazette, 2010-Apr-02, p.5, Joy,M.; Trusten,P.; Letters to the editor: US has been moving to universal metric system; Public will welcome switch to metric system.
  15. Post-Journal (Jamestown NY), 2010-Apr-22, 1p., Plenkovich,D.; Letters to the editor: US should adopt metric system. []
  16. Rochester (NY) Democrat and Chronicle, 2010-Jan-22, 1p., Ressel,H.; The metric system: Why is US so far behind? []
  17. Small Arms Defense Journal, 2010-winter, p.108-112, Kontis,G.; Is it time to go metric for small arms?
  18. (Oregon's Mid-Willamette Valley) Statesman Journal, 2010-Oct-11, 1p., Pearl,D.; Opinion: Country could do better on the metric system. []
  19. USA Today, 2010-Jun-08, p.3A, El Nasser,H.; Nation: I-19 is in midst of metric muddle: Outcry greets plan to convert kilometer signs.
  20. USA Today, 2010-Jun-11, p.10A, Trusten,P.; Maynard,B.A.; Letters: US should switch to metric system; Don't look back.
  21. Van Nuys (Los Angeles CA) Daily News, 2010-Oct-09, 3p., Bartholomew,D.; Metric group (USMA) finds delight in decimals. (V. Antoine) []

Year 2009 periodical and online articles [21 items]:

  1. Allentown (PA) Morning Call, 2009-Oct-02, 2p., Carpenter,P.; Inching our way to a metric system. [,0,2121034.column]
  2. American Philatelist, 2009-Dec, p.1-2, Max,S.;The dimensions of metric-sized postage stamps.
  3. Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle, 2009-Mar-16, 1p., Moore,G.; Metric is no way to measure. []
  4. Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle, 2009-Mar-23, 1p., Moore,G.; Is it time to meter our way toward the metric system? []
  5. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 90(1), 2009-Jan, p.96, Reanalysis: Looking back at the Bulletin (volume 8(8)) of December 1927: Metric Standardization. (Metric Association convention)
  6. [The] Caravan, 2009-Sep-1/15, p.42-49, Bowers,M.; The Science Ticker: Why the world is losing weight: The world's most exact reference for a kilogramme is getting lighter, and no one knows exactly why. []
  7. Civil Engineering, v.79(1), 2009-Jan, p.8, Neill,H.R.; Letters: FHWA (Federal HighWay Administration) alters metrication rules. (see 2008-Sep)
  8. Civil Engineering, v.79(3), 2009-Mar, p.8, Steacy,R.E.; Letters: Metric clutters articles.
  9. Defense Standardization Program (DSP) Journal, 2009-Apr/Jun, p.64, Events: Upcoming events and information: 2009 October 7, Washington DC: US celebration of World Standards Day.
  10. Discover, v.30(3), 2009-Mar, p.28-29, Sobel,D.; Field notes: Within a secure, climate controlled vault in France, the perfect kilogram watches over every weight measurement the the world.
  11. Eau Claire (WI) Leader-Telegram, 2009-Jun-21, 1p., Boyum,R.; No simple solutions here. (metric system and dollar coin) []
  12. Holyoke (CO) Enterprise, 2009-Oct-??, 3p., McClellan,S.; Letter to the editor: My youth, revisited (metric system). []
  13. Las Vegas (NV) Sun, 2009-Feb-28, 1p., Meehan,M.; Letter to the editor: Conversion to metric system would be wise. []
  14. NCTM News Bulletin, 2009-May/Jun, 1p., Kepner,H.S.,Jr.; President's Message: Measure for measure (metric system) (from 2009-Apr)
  15. New Scientist, 2009-Jun-22, 2p., Marks,P.; NASA (Nat. Aeron. Space Admin.) criticizes for sticking to imperial units []
  16. Proceedings of the Royal Society: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, no.(465), 2009-Jan-13, p.1227-1229, Foster,M.P.; Disambiguating the SI notation would guarantee its correct parsing.
  17. Proceedings of the Royal Society: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, no.(465), 2009-May-13, p.2313-2316, Mills,I.; Conventions for writing the values of quantities in the SI.
  18. Proceedings of the Royal Society: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, no.(465), 2009-May-19, p.2317-2318, Foster,M.P.; Response to (Ian) Mills comments on the SI notation.
  19. San Francisco (CA) Chronicle, 2009-Mar-01, p.E6, Regan,G.; A bartender's plea for presidential metrics.
  20. Summerland (BC, Canada) Review, 2009-Jun-25, 2p., Arendt,J.; Inching towards full metric conversion. []
  21. Syracuse (NY) Post-Standard, 2009-Oct-09, 2p., Nojiri,M.; East Syracuse-Minoa (NY) teacher (Sally Mitchell) to relaunch effort to switch to metric system. []

Year 2008 periodical and online articles [32 items]:

  1. American Spirit, v.142(2), 2008-Mar/Apr, p.31-35, Hudgins,B.; Days of reckoning: A history of our calendar.
  2. Asheville (NC) Times-Citizen, 2008-Jul-28, 2p., King,C.; editorial: It's time for the US to join the rest of the world and go fully metric. []
  3. ASHRAE Journal, 2008-May, p.7; AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute) policy to require SI.
  4. Baltimore (MD) Sun, 2008-Sep-07, 2p., Gilbert,J.; Humor: It's time we forget about feet and furlongs and go metric. [,0,4137053.story]
  5. Calgary (Alberta, Canada) Herald, 2008-Sep-17, 1p., Sarnat,H.B.; letter: Imperial conceit (metric system) []
  6. Calgary (Alberta, Canada) Herald, 2008-Sep-19, 1p., Dauphinee,I.; letter: Identity crisis (Imperial conceit, 2008-Sep-17) []
  7. Civil Engineering, v.78(4), 2008-Apr, p.9, Edwards,L.H.; Letters: Leveling metrication.
  8. Civil Engineering, v.78(8), 2008-Aug, p.9, Wiercinski,S.A.; Letters: Metrication matters.
  9. Civil Engineering, v.78(9), 2008-Sep, p.8, Misenheimer,L.L.; Letters: Thoughts on metrication.
  10. Civil Engineering, v.78(12), 2008-Dec, p.8, Russell,J.; Howorth,J.; Simpson,I.; Letters: Suggestions regarding metric units. (see 2008-Sep)
  11. The Current (University of St. Louis, student newspaper), 2008-Mar-03, 2p., Gillham,B.; US system of measurement sinking below other countries. []
  12. Daily Telegraph, 2008-Aug-16, 1p., Nikkhan,R.; Town (Sandbach, Cheshire) ditches imperial for metric signs. []
  13. Defense Standardization Program (DSP) Journal, 2008-Jul/Sep, p.39, Events: Upcoming events and information: World Standards Day (2008).
  14. Federal Register, v.73(96), 2008-May-16, p.28432-28433, Turner,J.M.; DoC, NIST: Interpretation of the International System of Units (the metric system of measurement) for the United States.
  15. Guardian (U.K.), 2008-Jul-26, 1p., Editorial: In praise of decimalization. []
  16. Kansas City (MO) Star, 2008-Mar-15, 1p., US Excerpts: Metric moment (fom The Current, University of Missouri, St. Louis) []
  17. La Crosse (WI) Tribune, 2008-Jul-12, 3p., Hubbuch,C.; What's that in metric? La Crescent (MN) man (Frank Van Lin) says US should make the switch. []
  18. Lincoln (NE) Journal-Star, 2008-Mar-31, 2p., Abourezk,K.; Norris (NE) teacher (Tom Price) pushes for conversion to metric. []
  19. London (England) Times, 2008-Jun-12, 2p., Noel Moore: A principal architect of the change to decimal currency. []
  20. Math Horizons, 2008-Sep, p.14-17,31, Schwartz,R,K.; The birth of the meter. []
  21. News Tribune (Tacoma WA), 2008-Jun-03, 1p., Brain,M.; How stuff works: How miles work. []
  22. The NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Technician, v.7(1), 2008-Jan, p.6, Moore,P.O.; Feature: Metric measurement in the 21st Century. []
  23. The NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Technician, v.7(3), 2008-Jul, p.10, Go metric: Crossword challenge: SI units. (USMA mentioned)
  24. Raleigh (NC) News and Observer, 2008-Jul-19, 1p., Switzer,B.; Letters: Metering water. (irrigation is a perfect situation for switching to metric units) []
  25. Road and Track, v.59(8), 2008-Apr, p.112, Simanaitis,D.; Tech Tidbits: mPa vs MPa
  26. Rochester (NY) Engineer, 2008-June, p.6-7,12, Ressel,H.; Rochester and the metric system. [Rochester_Engineer_2008-06-13.pdf]
  27. San Gabriel Valley (CA) Tribune, 2008-May-08, 2p., Wilson,L.; Larry Wilson: America and other metric holdouts. []
  28. Santa Barbara (CA) News-Press. 2008-Oct-10, 1p., Godar,R.; letter: ("on a scale of 1 to 10")
  29. Wall Street Journal, 2008-Jul-20, Tarento,J.; Take me to your liter.
  30. Washington (DC) Times, 2008-Sep-26, 2p., Hudson,A.; Metric system 'oops' cost House (of Representatives) $25,000. []
  31. Water Environment Laboratory Solutions, v.15(4), 2008-Aug/Sep, p.13, Spicer,S.; Defining a new kilogram. []
  32. Wired Magazine, 2008-May-08, 2p., Alfred,R.; May 8, 1790: Liberte! Egalite! Metrique! []

Year 2007 periodical and online articles [27 items]:

  1. Christian Science Monitor, 2007-Apr-26, p.?, Trusten,P.; Letters to the editor: Readers debate gun control and argue for decimalization: End foot vs. meter inefficiency. []
  2. Columbus (OH) Dispatch, 2007-Jan-17, p.?, Pound foolish: NASA finally plans to stick to the metric system on the moon. []
  3. Daily Advertiser (Lafayette LA), 2007-Dec-18, 1p., Read,R.D.; Commentary: Give Americans a kilometer, and we'll take a mile. []
  4. Daily Pilot (Newport Beach and Costa Mesa CA), v.?(?), 2007-Nov-24, 4p., Gray,J.P.; It's a gray area: Times a-changing, let's go metric! []
  5. Dallas (TX) Morning News, 2007-Apr-03, p.1D, 7D, Landers,J.; Resisting metric system puts us kilometers behind.
  6. Defense Standardization Program (DSP) Journal, 2007-Apr/Jun, p.46, Events: Upcoming events and information: World Standards Day (2007) paper competition.
  7. Defense Standardization Program (DSP) Journal, 2007-Apr/Jun, p.47, Events: Upcoming events and information: 2007 October 18, Washington DC: US celebration of World Standards Day 2007.
  8. Denver (CO) Business Journal, 2007-May-04, 3p., LaPoint,N.; Knudson (Manufacturing Inc.) takes measure of metric system. []
  9. Exponent Online (Purdue University), 2007-Mar-06, 2p., Nolan,T.; Metric system remains too confusing to implement. []
  10. Georgia Tech Research Horizons, v.25(1), 2007-fall, p.39, Fox,R.; Hill,T.; Scientists propose a better definition for the kilogram. []
  11. Greensburg (PA) Tribune-Review, 2007-Feb-16, 3p., Kaufman,D.W.; Metric system taught for good measure. (NASA) []
  12. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, v.12(5), 2007-Jan, p.228, Johnson,A.; Norris,K.; Math roots: The beginnings of the metric system.
  13. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, v.13(3), 2007-Oct, p.172, Kroon,C.D.; Metric madness. (Metric Day)
  14. Midland (TX) Reporter-Telegram, 2007-Jan-17, p.?, Editorial: Metric system rears its head one more time.
  15. Midland (TX) Reporter-Telegram, 2007-Jan-21, p.?, Trusten,P.; Letter: Metric system designed to be used easily.
  16. NAAS (National Association of Academies of Science) News, 2007-winter, p.2, Jordan,D.; Metric education in the classroom: Statement to the National Panel on Mathematics.
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