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The US Metric Association (USMA), Inc., is a national non-profit organization that was founded in 1916. USMA advocates completing the US conversion to the International System of Units, known by the abbreviation SI (ess-eye) and also called the metric system. The process of changing measurement units to the metric system is called metric transition or metrication.

Among other things, this site contains information about the metric system, with some specifically designed for educators, as well as information about USMA and links to other selected metric sites.

What's New: Updated Information by Date:

2015-06-19: PDF of the 2015-July/August issue of Metric Today is now available online for USMA members.

2015-04-30: Added photos of distance signs on Kauai to the metric signs pages.

2015-04-20: PDF of the 2015-May/June issue of Metric Today is now available online for USMA members.

2015-03-03: Added a photo of a hospital distance sign in Woodbury NY to the metric signs pages.

2015-02-20: PDF of the 2015-March/April issue of Metric Today is now available online for USMA members.

If you live in New York State:

New York State is the only US jurisdiction that has not yet adopted the 1999 amendment to the Uniform Packaging and Labeling Regulation (UPLR) that permits the option of eliminating non-metric units from labels of products not regulated by the federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA). Please contact USMA's PR Director if you are willing to help with this cause.

Is Your Company or Organization Going Metric?
We'd Like to Know

Perhaps your hospital is changing over to measuring patients' height and weight in metric units only, or your company's product line is going hard metric. We'd be very interested in the how and the why. And, with your permission, we'll tell your story in our newsletter, Metric Today. Please contact USMA.

To be found in the 2015 July/August issue of Metric Today:
  • What happened to NIST's LEGO watt balance?
  • What's the easiest way to convert between F and C?
  • How do you metricate nuclear power plant regulations?
  • What did the BIPM do during 2014?
  • Will teaspoons finally disappear for medicine doses?
(PDFs of the last three issues are available for USMA members. Contact the USMA Webmaster for access.)

Metric Today is a membership benefit of joining USMA

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USMA offers a selection of books, charts, posters, rulers, measuring tapes, bumper stickers, and thermometers specifically for learning the metric system.

These and more items can be found on USMA's
metric supplies and training aids page

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Links to Other Selected (Non-USMA) Metric System Information, Standards, Guides, and Policies

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