Journalism/News: Industry/Profession

(General nformation about journalism and media businesses. For coverage on current events select News Services and Sources. Additional relevant links include: Broadcasting, Legal, Ethical and Policy Issues and Media Economics and Ownership

ACP--Associated Collegiate Press(College publications association)
AJR--American Journalism Review/Newslink
ASNE--American Society of Newspaper Editors
APME--Associated Press Managing Editors
Columbia Journalism Review
Editor & Publisher
Internet Newsroom
J-Links (Florida Union Times)
Foundation for American Communications
Future of Print Media (Kent State Symposium, 1998)
Journalism Resources--Moorhead State University
Journalism Resources Pages (Stockholm)
Law and Policy Institutions Guide
Media Studies Web Site--University of Colorado, Boulder
Media & Communication Studies Page--United Kingdom
Media Matters (Discussion group of media performance in Minneapolis/St.Paul)
National Association of Broadcasters
National Conference of Editorial Writers
Newspaper Association of America
Newspaper Marketing Association, International
National Press Club
Organization of News Ombudsmen
Online Journalism Review
Pew Center for Civic Journalism
Poynter Institute
Pulitzer Prizes
RTNDA--Radio-Television News Directors Association
Reporters' Network (Directory of 2,000 reporters online)
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Society of Professional Journalists -- National | Colorado Chapter | CSU Student Chapter
Vanderbilt TV News Archives
Yahoo Media Companies Sites
Yahoo News Sites
Yahoo Journalism Sites

Journalism Listservs and Internet Newsletters (Compiled Barbara Croll Fought, Syracuse)

Updated January 1996
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