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Updated September 15, 2005
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Agencies, Directories of (Arranged by Headquarters Country)
United States
Association for Interactive Media -- Includes many PR agencies with web expertise
Agencies with Home Pages (Impulse Research)
Council of Public Relations Firms
Europe On-Line - International network of public relations agencies
Nerd World: Public Relations (Ecclectic list of agencies, freelancers, and miscellaneous sites)
PRSA Counselors Academy (Select Member Directory)
United Kingdom
IPRA Members, Links to Firm Sites of
Hollis U.K. Press and Publications Annual -- Use limited to registered subscribers.
Public Relations Consultancy Association
U.K. PR Centre: PR Company Index Page
Elsewhere in World
New Zealand WriterFind
Thailand PR Agencies Directory
Pravda PR Moscow
Search Engines
Yahoo! Public Relations Services

Professional Organizations
Arthur W. Page Society
Council of Public Relations Firms
Health Care Public Relations Association
International Association of Business Communicators

  • Headquarters
  • Colorado Chapters
    International Committee of the Public Relations Consultancies Association (includes links to web sites of other national trade associations, most not in English)
    International Public Relations Association (See IPRA's online A-Z list of national PR Organisations, and national associations with web sites)
    International, By Country/Region
  • Australia Public (Relations Institute of Australia)
  • Canada (Canadian Public Relations Society)
  • Europe (European Public Relations Confederation/Confederation Europeenne des Relations Publiques)
  • Europe, Students (European Association of Public Relations Students)
  • Europe --Young European PR Professionals
  • India -- A nonprofit trust for promoting PR and communication
  • Ireland (Public Relations Institute of Ireland)
  • New Zealand (Public Relations Institute of New Zealand)
  • Singapore (Institute of Public Relations of Singapore--access restricted)
  • South Africa (Public Relations Institute of South Africa)
  • United Kingdom (Institute of Public Relations)
  • United Kingdom (Public Relations Consultants Association)
    National Association of Government Communicators
    National Investor Relations Institute
    National School Public Relations Association
    Public Affairs Council
    Public Relations Society of America
  • National
  • Western District
  • Colorado Chapter (Denver)
  • Pike's Peak Chapter (Colorado Springs)
    Public Relations Student Society of America
  • PRSSA Online
  • CSU Chapter
    Regional, United States (Also see IABC, NAGC, NIRI and PRSA for local chapters)
  • Chicago (Publicity Club of Chicago --includes section of PR Resources links)
  • Florida (Florida Public Relations Association)
  • Los Angeles (Public Communicators of Los Angeles)
  • New York (Publicity Club of New York)
  • North Carolina (Communications Roundtable)
  • Southern (Southern Public Relations Federation)
  • Texas - Texas Public Relations Association
    Women Executives in Public Relations

    PR Wire Services/Data Bases/Sources Services (Good sources of sample news releases)
    Business Wire
    Canada NewsWire
    24-7 Press Release Newswire
    Contacts on Tap -- Online directory of contacts (free trial available)
    Collegiate Presswire
    E-wire (Environmental news service)
    Good News Broadcast
    Internet Wire
    Press Access
    Pressline (Press release data base service)
    PR Newswire
    PR Web (internet release distribution service)
    U.S. Newswire -- Specialists in Web/E-Mail Distribution for Public Relations
    CapitolStrategy.com" -- Affiliate of First Strategy
    Media Finder -- Oakridge Public Relations
    Press Features
    Virtual Press Office
    Vocus - Formerly Capitol Hill Software Newswire

    Other Commercial PR Services <
    Ammerman Experience
    Article Resource Association (publicity distribution service)
    Associated Press Information Services (news distribution)
    ATT Teleconference Services
    Auritt Communications Group (broadcast news services)
    Automatic On-line System/Automatic Mail Services (direct response)
    Axiom Research (opinion research)
    Bacon's Media Services (Mailing lists and distribution services)
    Barks Communciations -- Communications training services, materials
    Burrelle's Information Services
    BIS: Yearbook of Experts, Authorities and Spokespersons
    Communicate with Power (McLaughlin Associates--media training)
    CyberScan (Monitors information and public opinion on Internet)
    Delahaye MediaLink (research services)
    DWJ Television (News releases)
    eWatch (WWW clipping service)
    Exstream Data (fax distribution service)
    Feature Photo Service
    Karen Friedman Enterprises (media training)
    GetPress.Com (Project-based publicity service)
    Gebbie Press (Directories, mail lists)
    Goodman Speakers Bureau
    Greater Talent Network
    Hollywood Madison Group (speakers bureau)
    Info ARA Content, feature writing service
    Leigh Bureau (speakers bureau)
    Robin Lewin Productions (broadcast news services)
    Luce Online (Publicity retrieval service)
    MarkWatch (Internet monitoring service)
    MDS-Media Distribution Services (includes useful bibliography and organizations list)
    dna13 -- Canadian PR/communications software firm, monitoring service
    MediaLink (PR broadcast news distribution service)
    MediaTracks (radio publicity services)
    MediaMap(List and research service)
    Media Mentor (Steve Bennett, media training)
    Multivision, Inc. (broadcast monitoring services)
    National Satellite Production/Media Services
    News Broadcast Network (radio publicity service)
    Newz Group (multi-state clipping service)
    Parallax Productions (broadcast news services)
    Susan Peterson/Communication Center (media training)
    Perri Productions (Superior, CO; video news releases)
    Press Kits (presentation folders, printing)
    Press Release Network -- Release distribution service
    ProAdvance (major special events production)
    Professional Photographers of America (photography referrals)
    Media Training by Hart Media (Also Hart Media and crisis communciation.com)
    Prolog WebSite 2.0 (Meridian Project Systems--event management software)
    PiMS (List maintenance and mailing service)
    Proamics Corporation (agency management software)
    PR Newsfotos
    Orbis Broadcast Group (Video news releases)
    Online Directory of Experts and Spokespersons
    On The Scene Productions
    Ovations (speaker training services)
    Premiere Conferencing (teleconferencing)
    PromoMart (Advertising Specialties Institute)
    Publicity Depot -- Directory of experts
    PR infoFinder (software)
    PR Press Network UK -- Includes prtalk.com (discussion group), simpleclip.com, simplescout.com, prposts.com (headlines), prfinder.com (resources directory),
    Ragan Communications (Conferences, newsletters, books)
    Ready for Media (Anne Ready, media training)
    Royce Carlton (speakers bureau)
    D.S. Simon Productions, New York (Video news releases)
    SNET Faxworks (fax distribution services)
    SourceNet -- Posts journalist inqueries soliciting sources on stories
    SpinWare (public relations software)
    Target Video News, Inc. (video news services)
    TrakWare (publicity tracking/analysis software)
    TJ Walker -- Media training services. Same as PR Radio TV Network
    TTS Fax Communications (fax distribution services)
    Harry Walker Agency, Inc. (speakers bureau)
    VMS-Video Monitoring Services
    Vocus (media lists, clippings, distribution, other PR tools)
    West Glen Communications (Audio-visuals)
    Wieck Photo Data Base
    Wilson Group (Steve Wilson, media training)
    XpressPress (Release distribution service)
    Also see Agencies, Executive Recruiters, Publications, PR Wire Services

    Academic/Educational PR Links
    A&PR Worldwide (University of Alabama links)
    Advertising World (University of Texas)
    American Communication Association - University of Arkansas (Various useful pages of links, including organizational communication, political communication, technology topics)
    AEJMC Public Relations Division (Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication)
    Argentinean Internet Site on Public Relations: REDRRPP (for students and practitioners; edited by Maria del Sol Rodrigquez Gallego)
    Community Relations, Center for Corporate (Boston College)
    Corner Bar PR. Resources, articles on current issues (Rich Barger)
    Grunig Web Site. Fun tribute to Jim and Lauri Grunig, University of Maryland (under construction). Includes current articles by these leading researchers in the field.
    Hallahan Course Resources (Kirk Hallahan, Colorado State)
    Institute for Public Relations (formerly Institute for PR Research and Education)
    Media Researcher's Companion (Vincent Graceffa)
    Mitchell Friedman (Media trainer, also teaches at UC-Berkeley Extension)
    PR Navigator.com (Mark R. Phillips, USAF, University of Maryland)
    PRSA Educators Section
    pr@RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia)
    National Communication Association, Public Relations Division
    PRaxis-Public Relations Resource Centre Massey University, New Zealand
    Smith, Ron - Buffalo State
    Witmer, Diane - Cal State Fullerton
    Swiss Public Relations Institute (training in four languages)
    Tim Traverse-Healy's Papers - UK practitioner
    Also see Academic Research Gateways section of CSU J-Links

    Other PR Links--General
    About.com-Public Relations Links (Excellent compendium of articles, recent case studies, and numerous other links)
    A HREF="http://www.aboutpublicrelations.net">All About Public Relations
    A Better Server PR Directory
    PR Career Opportunities (PRSA Carrer Connection)
    Center for Media & Democracy (PR industry watchdog group)
    Center for Responsive Politics (Political contributions and PACs)
    Chase's Search Engine for Marketers -- Larry Chase, Select "Public Relations"
    Contacts on Tap
    Ethics, The Current Debate Surrounding (Sarah J. Zupko, Tribune Media Services)
    Google Search Engine: Public Relations
    Hoover's Industry Profiles: Marketing and Public Relations Companies
    Media Tool Case (Jerry Brown, how to work with media)
    PR Commentary (Robert A. Kelly)
    PR Forum (Web conference site; See separate PR Forum Listservs below)
    PR Guide (in German)
    PR Headquarters (web site sponsored by to Independent Public Relations Practitioners Network; includes sizeable non-member section)
    Publicity Insider (Bill Stoller, newsletter primarily for small businesses)
    Insights, Public Relations (Oakridge Public Relations Agency position papers on various PR topics)
    PR Point -- Useful resources by K. Srinivasan, Madras, India
    PR Resources On-Line (Impulse Research)
    Public Relations and Investor Relations Tools - Big.Universe.Com
    Swiss PR Institute Links
    Profitable Public Relations for Nonprofit Organizations
    Miyamoto's Strategic Public Relations
    PR Strategy.net
    Public Relations Links (PRSA National Capital Chapter, Washington, D.C.)
    PR Infofinder (PRSA Professional Practice Center>
    Public Relations Museum
    Silver Anvil Winners (Searchable online summaries of award-winners in PRSA's annual competition)
    Stuart Goldstein (Articles and presentations by practitioner-consultant)
    Top Story -- Articles on various topics by Canadian practitioner Al Czarnecki
    Yahoo Public Relations Services Sites

    Other PR Links--Crisis Management
    Note: Many consulting firms offer valuable materials on crisis management
    Bernstein Crisis Management LLC -- Specializes in crisis response, issues management, litigation consulting
    Crisis Communication Plan: A Blue Print -- Sandra Clawson Freeo, Northern Illinois University
    Crisis Web News about international crises worldwide
    Crisis Management International, Inc.
    Crisis Management Group, Inc.
    Crisis Management in Sports
    Crisis Management Institute -- Counseling intervention services
    Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma - Sources related to news coverage of violence
    Disaster Research Center, University of Delaware
    Disaster News Network
    FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Administration -- Emergency response site
    Institute for Crisis Management (Bob Irvine, author of When You Are The Headline)
    National Transportation Safety Board
    Natural Hazards Research Center, University of Colorado
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission -- All things nuclear
    Preston Global Crisis response consultants specializing in violenct situations
    Southern California Disaster Preparedness -- Earthquake, flood, fire disaster planning for consumers
    PASE Inc. -- Producers of The Emergency Public Relations Manual, preparedness programs
    Wilson Group -- Crisis planning consultants


    Alaska Airlines Flight 261 -- Commemorative site
    BurgerKing Toy Recall
    Challenger Disaster -- Commemorative site
    Columbine High School -- School tragedy site
    Firestone Tire Recall -- Unofficial legal information center
    Ford Firestone Tire Recall -- Ford's official referral site, select Wilderness AT Program
    Texas A&M Bonfire Tragedy
    Oklahoma State Airline Tragedy
    USDA Foot and Mouth Disease Site

    Other PR Links--Activism
    Be an Activist! (Adam Rifkin's Activism Links Page)
    Civicus Net
    Complain Domain.Com
    FAIR Media Activism Fairness and Accuracy in Media
    Envirolink | Envirolink Action Center
    Feminist Activism
    Internet PR Guide
    Political Activism Resources
    Public Eye on Davos
    Ruckus Society
    SPIN Project Independent Media Institute/Strategic Press Information Network
    Sucks500.Com Former Sucks.Com
    Teen Hoopla - Activism (American Library Association)
    Web Active -- Highlights activists sites

    Corp Watch
    PETA-People for Ethical Treatment of Animals
    Junk Science
    Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project
    World Wildlife Federation
    Habitat for Humanity
    AIM Native American Mascots Controversy
    NORML - National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws
    U. of Guelph Student Liberation Front

    Other PR Links--Publicity (Mass Media and Internet)
    A Publicity Primer (For beginners)
    Connecting Online (Info on book of same title; includes useful news updates and links)
    Contentious (Web zine on writing online content)
    DVCO -- Agency specializes in media rooms, site for agencies.
    Sources, Directory of News (National Press Club) -- Accesss to news sources' web sites
    GVA Internet User Surveys
    DVvideo.com" -- Film and video making primer
    Internet Publicity Resources (Site for Steve O'Keefe's Publicity on the Internet)
    Jakob Nielsen's Newsletter (web site strategy and usability)
    LeFile.Com (site dedicated to usability of PR sites)
    Media List: Outlets that Accept Press Releases By E-Mail
    Pew Internet Project (Research studies)
    Pew Research Center for People & the Press
    Online Public Relations (Various links, tips, syllabus for an online public relations course taught through Seaton Hall)
    Press Release Pointers (Infoscavenger)
    Quest for Insight: PR in Cyberspace (What Journalists Look for in Press Releases)
    Media Finder Writing and Sending Press Releases
    Yudkin's Publicity Frequently Asked Questions -- Marcia Yudkin, Internet Marketing for Less than $500/Year

    Other PR Links--Public Opinion
    American Association for Public Opinion Research
    Center for Deliberative Polling - University of Texas
    Roper Center for Public Opinion Research - U. of Connecticut
    National Organization for Research at Chicago
    Pew Research Center for the People & The Press
    PollingReport.com - Compilation of recent polls
    Public Agenda Online -- Source for Public Opinion and Policy Analysis
    Roper AWS, a NOP World Company -- Roper Starch Research

    Bibliographies/Book Sources on Public Relations
    Amazon.com (Search database for current titles)
    PR Bibliography: Books for Graduate Research (Kirk Hallahan, Colorado State)
    PR Bibliography: Selected Research Articles and Book Chapters, 1989- (Kirk Hallahan, Colorado State)
    Bibliography, Public Relations (Compiled by MDS)
    Bookshelf, A Public Relations (Compiled by Michael J. McCoy)
    Erlbaum Associates, Lawrence (Leading academic publisher--Search under Communication)
    Guide to Research About Public Relations (Kirk Hallahan, Colorado State)
    Ragan Communications (Books, conferences, newsletters)
    Sage Publications (Leading academic publisher)
    Various books and materials also are available for sale from professional organizations, such as IABC, NAGC, NIRI, PAC, and PRSA

    PR Publications On-Line
    Advertising Age
    Advertising and Marketing Review (Denver)
    Communication World (IABC)
    Forum (PRSSA newsletter)
    IPRA Review-Frontline 21 (Ordering info and list of titles since 1984)
    Journal of Communication Management - Henry Steward Publications, in cooperation with IPR and IABC
    Journal of Public Relations Research (Ordering information only)
    Online Marketing Magazine, Dan Janal's (Includes occasional items on PR)
    O'Dwyer Publications, Jack (Newsletters, PRServices magazine, directory)
    PR Canada
    PR Central ( inside pr, Reputation Management)
    PR News & Marketing Network (Phillips, publisher of PR News, Interactive PR)
    PR News (promotional information only)
    pr reporter (includes online index)
    PR Week (US)
    PRSA Publications (Online ordering information only for Public Relations Strategist and other directories)
    PRism Online academic journal, New Zealand-Australia.
    Public Relations Review (Ordering information only. Check under "Journals Published")
    PR Watch (Selected articles from publication by Center for Media & Democracy)
    Publicity.com (Sponsored online publication of Media Relations, Inc., Minneapolis)
    Ragan Communciations (Newsletters, books, conferences)
    Tactics (PRSA's monthly tabloid)
    West Coast MediaNet (West Coast PR Newsletter)

    Quick links to directories of on-line publications of possible interest:
    AJR Newslink: Journalism | Business
    Ecola's Newsstand: Sales and Marketing
    Electronic News Stand
    Yahoo News Sites: Journalism | Business

    Listservs and E-zines/E-newsletters of Related Interest

    Public Relations

    AEJMC Public Relations Divsion
    Listserv for the 400 public relations educators who are members of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
    --To subscribe go to AEJMC PR Listserv

    Entertainment PR Online community on Yahoo!provides advice and support to those entertaining the field and those already established
    -- Go to: "http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/entertainmentpr/">Entertainment PR

    Forum for graduate students in public relations/communications programs to share ideas, experiences and concerns
    --To subscribe, go to gradpr.

    Internet PR
    Listserv devoted exclusively to Internet PR, sponsored by Audette Media. Archived.
    --To subscribe, send e-mail to I-PR. Leave subject line blank and type "subscribe" (without quotes) in message line.

    Small listserv for public relations educators. Inactive between January and November, 1999.
    --To subscribe, go to preducators.

    PRSIG--Public Relations Special Interest Group
    aka Public Relations and Marketing Forum, available exclusively to CompuServe subscribers.
    --For details, see the PRSIG home page.

    The Network at PPConline
    Listserv sponsored by PRSA's Professional Practice Center intended to facilitate the sharing of practices and resources among the professional community.
    --Sign up by entertaing your e-mail address at the PPC website

    Exchanges reporter inquiries with participating university public information offices nationwide.
    --A service of PR Newswire. See ProfNet in index for details.

    PIONet -- Public Information Officers Net
    Serves as an exchange among public information officials at educational institutions.
    --To subscribe (no charge), send e-mail to: listproc@mlist.access.digex.net
    --In body of the message, type SUBSCRIBE PIONET followed only by your name. Then send the message.

    Moderated forum for public relations professionals todiscuss issues related to the Internet and technology in general. More Information
    --To subscribe, go to prbytes.

    PR Professional Daily
    Daily e-zine deals with a single topic on public relations.
    --To subscribe, see instructions at Cool Sheets

    PR Point
    Very small, unmoderated group sponsored by a major public relations consultancy in India.
    --To subscribe, go to OneList.

    PR Quorum
    Open for exchange of timely and topical news and opinions of practitioners, collegiate majors, and vendors
    --To subscribe, to to PR Quorum.

    Discussion group for members of the Public Relations Student Society of America
    --To subscribe, see instructions on the PRSSA Online home page.

    Public Relations Forum
    A general exchange group among PR practitioners: separate from the PR Forum conference web site under Other PR Links)
    --To subscribe (no charge), send e-mail to: LISTSERV@INDYCMS.IUPUI.EDU
    --In the body of the message, type SUBSCRIBE PRFORUM followed only by your name. Then send the message.

    Image Management
    International discussion group
    --To subscribe, go to Image Management

    Young PR Pros
    Yahoo! discussion group
    --To subscribe, go to Young PR Pros. Select "Join this Group."

    Journalism and Communications, in general

    Journalism Listservs and Internet Newsletters (Fought's Finds, Syracuse University)

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