JT 650 Public Relations Management

Guide to Research About Public Relations

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This research guide identifies resources for graduate students to launch research on public relations topics. It is organized into four major parts:
  1. Public Relations Bibliographies: Annual, Books, Body of Knowledge Project, Online, Theses and Dissertations
  2. Journals: Academic, Professional
  3. Books: Public Relations, Related Fields, Directories
  4. Other Resources: General Communication, Online Sources, Professional Organizations

    1. Bibliographies


    Two short bibliographies are published annually on public relations topics:


    Two bibliographies printed in book form preceded the annual editions produced by Public Relations Review. Consult these volumes for earlier citations, which are often difficult to locate otherwise:

    Other bibliographies in book form are:

    Body of Knowledge Project.

    In 1988, the Public Relations Society of America completed its Body of Knowledge project, which aimed to codify the seminal works to date in the field. The result was:

    Online Bibliographies

    The following are online bibliographies that might contain useful sources on selected topics. Also see Public Relations Academic Links for additional bibliographic sources.

    Theses and Dissertations

    Students pursuing thesis and other research are encouraged to examine the master's theses done at CSU as well as theses and dissertations done at other institutions.

    2. Journals


    The two principal journals devoted to public relations are:

    The following publications (and others) frequently report research relevant to public relations. Students are encouraged to become familiar with these:


    The following are non-refereed periodicals that frequently include substantive information that that might be valuable for graduate research purposes.

    Two brand new publications produced by Ragan Communications, Inc., Chicago are:

    About 15 other magazines and newsletters are published in the public relations field and are possible sources of information or case study materials.

    The following four publications are available from the instructor and contain current articles of potential interest to researchers:

    Other publications in the field are:

    Electronic Data Bases

    Public relations journals and relevant articles are abstracted in more than 20 electronic data bases. Begin your search with those data bases that are most closely focused on your topic.

    Journals in Morgan Library.

    Current issues of all journals can be found in the Journals Room on the second floor. Bound volumes of back issues can be found in the regular stacks ranges.

    3. Books

    Book titles available at Morgan Library and other regional libraries can be accessed via the SAGE system. Another good way to become familiar with the field is to browse the stacks.

    Public Relations Titles

    Begin your browsing by examining the two ranges where the principal PR materials (including journals) are found. These classifications are found in the central section of the second floor.

    Other Places to Find PR Books

    Books in Related Fields

    The following are the Library of Congress classifications for other categories that might of particular interest.


    More than 50 specialized directories are used by public relations practitioners. Of these, about 35 are devoted to providing lists and information about media outlets.

    For research purposes, many of the other directories are useful sources of contacts and provide a sampling universe for surveys. Among key categories are:

    Current publication information for most of these can be found in PRSA's annual Public Relations Bibliography.

    4.Other Resources

    General Communication Resources

    An excellent overview of general communication research procedures and resources is provided in:

    Two publications that provide more in-depth profiles of academic publications in communication are: Online Searches

    The Internet's World Wide Web is the source of an ever-increasing amount of information on a wide range of subjects, including public relations. Supplement your searches of electronic data bases with:

    Professional Organizations

    These professional organizations produce materials and offer assistance that might be useful in research. For updated information, check their web sites.

    For additional professional organizations in more specialized areas, see professional organizations under CSU J-Links' section on public relations.

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