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This table lists the availability status of research journals and other publications of special important to students and researchers in Journalism and Technical Communication. The collection is continuously being updated, so users should obtain the most current information using the Sage catalogue.

IMPORTANT: This list uses key words to identify journals. To find a publication in the Sage catalog, you must use the full, exact title of the journal (e.g. Advertising, Journal of will be found only under Journal of Advertising.) Please also note that various publications have changed names through the years. The most current titles are listed (e.g. Journalism Quarterly has become Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly.) Check the Sage catalog for possible name changes.

Full-text articles are available directly through the library's Sage catalog or through one of the library's databases. Many communications titles are available through one of these five databases (see below).

If you know details of a particular citation, locate the article using the library's Citation Linker. See the library's Full Text Electronic Journals list for possible changes or for titles not listed below. Off-campus users should see the library's Distance Users page for details on how to obtain full-text articles when accessing the library through a non-CSU internet service provider.

Journals in Communications

Key: 0000v00 = Year and Corresponding Volume Number

Publication Available Print Version: Not Owned or Lost in Flood; Obtain through Inter-Library Loan # Indicates a replacement received, now being processed
Advertising Age Storage: 1962v33-1964v35
Microfilm: 1965v36-1990v61
Microfiche: 1990v61-present
ASP, BSP, LNA: 1996-
Advertising, Journal of
Sage: Journal of Advertising
Storage: 1973v2-1977v6
BSP: 1972- 1992-
Advertising Research, Journal of
Sage:Journal of Advertising Research
Storage: 1960v1-1980v20;
BSP: 1965-
Applied Communication Research, Journal of
Sage: Journal of Applied Communiction Research
1973v1-present .
Broadcasting and Electronic Media, Journal of
Sage: Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media
ASP, BSP: 1990-
Business Communication, Journal of
Sage: Journal of Business Communication
ComAbs Online via Databases page
Starting dates vary by publication (1967-present)
Communication Abstracts 1978v1-present
Full text online thru Sage: 1999-present
Also see Databases page
Communication Arts 1961v3-present, except as noted
Storage: 1973v15-1974v16
1959v1-1960v2, 1965v7, 1993-95v37
Various volumes incomplete, including 1980s and mid-1990s.
Communication Inquiry, Journal of
Sage: Journal of Communication Inquiry
Online via Sage (Ingenta): 1999-
Communication, Journal of
Sage: Journal of Communication
Storage: 1962v12, 1965v15-1979v20;
PA Text: 1994-
Online through Sage 1997-
Communication Law & Policy 2000v5-present
Online thru Sage: 2000v5-
Ingenta: 2000
LNA: 1995-; ASP, BSP, 1996- (Most recent year not online)
Communication Management, Journal of

Sage: Journal of Communication Management

Online via Sage (Ingenta): 2000v5-
Communication Management, Strategic

Sage: Strategic Communication Management

Communication Monographs 1976v43--present
Microfilm: 1976v43-present
Last copies received 2000
Communication Quarterly
Formerly Today's Speech
Print: 1969v17-present
Communication Research 1974v1-present
Online via Sage (Ingenta): 2001-
Communication Studies 1989v40-present .
Communication Theory 1991v1-present
Online via Sage: 2001-present
Online abstracts 1998-
Ingenta: 2000-
Consumer Psychology, Journal of
Sage: Journal of Consumer Psychology
Online thru Sage: 2000v9-present
ASP, BSP: 1992-present (most recent year not online)
Consumer Research, Journal of
Sage: Journal of Consumer Research
Online thru Sage and JSTOR: 1974v1-present
Critical Studies in Media Communication
Formerly Critical Studies in Mass Communication
Online via Sage: 2001 -1999v16
Ethics, Journal of Mass Media
Sage: Journal of Mass Media Ethics
Online thru Sage: 2000v15-present
Gazette. International Journal for Mass Communication Studies Storage: 1965v11-1971v17
Print: 1974v20-present
Online via Sage (Ingenta): 1999v61-
Human Communication Research 1976v3-present .
Information, Communication & Society 2000v3-present
Online thru Sage (Ingenta): 1999v2-present
ASP, BSP: 1999 (most recent year not available online)
Journalism History 1974v1-present, except as noted
ASP: 1990-
Journalism & Mass Communication Abstracts
Sage: Journalism Abstracts
Microfilm: 1963v1-1970v8;
Print: 1976v14-1999v37
Online via Sage: 1996-
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
Formerly Journalism Educator
1963v18-present, except as noted 1975v30, 1981v36-1984v38
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
Sage: Journalism Quarterly
Microfilm: 1924v1-1959v36
Print: 1961v38-1963v40, 1966v43-present
1960v37; 1964v41-1965v42
Journalism & Mass Communication Monographs
Sage: Journalism Monographs
In 1999 changed name to Journalism & Communication Monographs, changed serialization and numbering
Individual Nos. 3-8, 10-15, 17, 19, 21-23, 25-28, 30-72, 74-76, 80, 82, 90, 99, 101-103, 115, 120, 127, 130-131, 138, 140, 143, 145, 148, 151-155, 157-159, 161, 163-168
Serial: 1999v1-present
#All others
Marketing, Journal of
Sage: Journal of Marketing
1936v1-present .
Mass Comm Review 1973v1-1997v27
Management Communication Quarterly 1988v2-present, except as noted
Online via Sage (Ingenta): 1999v12.3-
Media Psychology 2000v2-present
Online thru Sage: 2000v2 Ingenta: 2000v2.1
ASP: 1999- (most recent year not available online)
Media, Culture & Society 1990v12n2-present, except as noted
Online via Sage (Ingenta): 1999-
Media Studies Journal
Formerly Gannett Center Journal
1987v1-present 1992v6; 1994v8n1-2
Incomplete replacements
New Media & Society 2000v2-present
Online via Sage (Ingenta): 1999-
Newspaper Research Journal 1981/1982v2-present
Press/Politics, Harvard International Journal of
Sage: Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics
2000v5-present .
Public Opinion Quarterly 1937v1-present
JSTOR: 1937-1999
Online thru Sage (via JSTOR): 1937v1-1999v63 and 1997v61--present
ASP, BSP: 1965-
Public Relations Journal 1989v45, 1990v46, 1992v48, 1994v50, 1995v51
Ceased pub. with 1995v51
#1991v47, #1993v49
Public Relations Review 1975v1-present, except as noted
Online thru Sage: Latest 12 months only
1982v8, 1984v10-1985v11, 1987v13
Public Relations Research, Journal of
Sage: Journal of Public Relations Research

Originally published as Public Relations Research Annual

Online thru Sage: 2000v12-present
BSP: 1992- (most recent year not available online)

BSP: (Under older title)

Public Relations Quarterly 1967v12-1970v14, 1977v22-1980v25, 1989v34-present
BSP: 1965-
Public Relations Strategist 1995v1-present #1996v2
Psychology & Marketing 1986v3-present
Online thru Sage: 1997v14-present
Science, Public Understanding of
Sage: Public Understanding of Science
Online thru Sage:1992v1-to next most recent year)
Ingenta: 2003-
Science Communication 1994/95v16-present
Ingenta: 1999v20.3-
Technical Communication 1961v8-present, except as noted
ASP: 2000-
Technical Communication Quarterly 1993v2-present
ASP, BSP: 1993-
Technical Writing and Communication, Journal of
Sage: Journal of Technical Writing and Communication
1971v1-present .
Western Journal of Communication
Formerly Western Speech, Western Speech Communication, Western Journal of Speech Communication
Microfilm: 1937v-1952v16
Print: 1940v4-1948v12 and 1952v16-present, except as noted
ASP: 1994-
1949v13-1951-v15; 1952v16-1956v20, 1991v55
Women's Studies in Communication 1987v10-present 1983v6-1986v9

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