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Dr.G. Richard Jansen
Professor and Department Head Emeritus
Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado  80523

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Brief Curriculum Vita

Born May 19, 1930, Staten Island, New York, 

Married, 4 children

Educational Background
1947-1950CornellUniversityIthacaNew York ,B.A. Major: Chemistry

1954-1958Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, Ph.D. Major: Biochemistry
Academic and Industrial Positions
Professor of Nutritional Sciences,Emeritus 1990-Present
 Department Head Emeritus, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado - 1990 - .present
Professor and Head, Department of Food Science and Human Nutri­tion, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado - 1969?1990
Research Fellow, Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research, 
RahwayN.J. -1962-1969
Research Biochemist, Electrochemical Department, E. I DuPont de Nemours, Inc., Wilmington, Delaware, 1958?1962

Military Service

United States Air Force, 1950-1953


American Society for Nutritional Sciences
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
American Association for the Advancement of Sciences
Institute of Food Technologists
National Association of Scholars

Over 100 refereed articles in scientific journals

Scientific Publications

Articles on the Web

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