GURPS IOU (Illuminati University)

GM: Mike Merrell

Here's a real quick summary of the main characters in the IOU campaign:

Ishram aka "Ishi"
(played by Bill)
A demigoddess with a major 'tude... alternates between a dumb blonde and Rambo... throws lightning and flies... big pet spider and big pet chaingun.
Carmen SanAntonio
(played by Tammy)
The niece of the infamous thief Carmen SanDiego... studying to be a detective... loves computers and gadgets... occasionally gets "care packages" from Aunt Carmen.
aka Trevor Smith
(played by Rob)
The son of a football legend... obsessive fan of Indiana Jones... does all the cleaning and cooking around the house... master of the mundane skill.
James Moriarty, Jr
aka "Jimbo"
(played by Leslie)
The son of the real James Moriarty and grandson of the evil Morgan le Fey... wants to be a photographer (practices on the female PCs a lot)... victim of most bad luck.
John Quest aka
(played by Arne)
Johnny Quest all grown up (sort of)... consummate nerd and nice guy...invents stuff out of homegrown junk... says "Golly!" a lot.
Marika de la Cruz Mega-rock star and eco-terrorist on the side... does combat guitar playing... John Quest's girlfriend... wrote song lyric summaries of the adventures.
Murray McCullem
aka "Guns"
(formerly played by Matt P.)
A serious "ROTC-Nazi"... obsessed with bigger and bigger guns and explosives... oblivious to everything else... best friends with Ishi.
(formerly played by Jeff Wilson)
An avariel from another dimension...clueless totally...ended up as delicious buffalo wings.

There are a number of NPCs that populate the campus as well, including Selena (a half-human, half-cat military biology major), Val Talloc (a bonifide vampire), Haji (John's friend who always runs the Quicky K), Amy (a superstrong redhead), Dice (Amy's witch roommate), Kendo (an Japanese grad student with an obsession for Ishi), and of course the ArchDean (who seems intent on watching this crew closely this semester).