Frequently Asked Questions

What is the profession of Landscape Architecture about?
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What is the program at Colorado State University like?
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What is the curriculum?
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What do landscape architects do?

The primary role of a traditional landscape architectural practice is landscape design and construction specification.

What should I do if I am really only interested in constructing landscapes?

Colorado State University offers several degree programs that collaborate in the process of constructing landscapes (as well as buildings and infrastructure). The professions might be referred to as allied professions and include CSU majors like Construction Management, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

What if I am interested in designing AND building landscapes?

About seven percent of the landscape architectural professionals practice something known as design/build. Design/build professionals are typically landscape architectural firms that have added additional services, they may offer a range of special services - beyond design and construction specifications - including construction, maintenance, and 'in-house' nursery stock. Occasionally nurseries and landscape contractors provide landscape design assistance in addition to landscape installation/construction.
(For more on this topic please see Landscape Architecture Magazine, September 1992)

I am interested specifically in golf course architecture - what should I do?

Many professional golf course architects are landscape architects, or include landscape architects as part of their professional practice. In addition to a landscape architectural background, an aspiring golf course architect may also want to pursue academic experience in turf management issues.

Where do I pick up my SMART Form for registration?

Room 111 Shepardson Hall. The nature of the studio environment and close proximity of students and faculty (advisors) enables semester long advising. It is recommended that students make an appointment with their advisor for any additional questions. Please review the curriculum prior to meeting with an advisor.

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Will my previous college credits be accepted for the Landscape Architecture degree?

For LA prefix courses from other universities meet with a landscape architecture advisor.

For all other college coursework seek advising from the office of admissions and records at Colorado State University. A transfer evaluation can be completed for all college credit courses.

How does Landscape Architecture differ from the Landscape Horticulture concentration Landscape Design and Contracting at CSU?

Landscape Architecture is concerned with planning, design and construction specification of the landscape with a small percentage of landscape architects operating in the area of design/build (approximately 7 % of practicing landscape architects). The landscape Architecture program is fully accredited through the Landscape Architecture Accrediting Board (LAAB) of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

Landscape Horticulture's concentration in Landscape Design and Contracting is concerned with the profession and science of landscape contracting, with a strong emphasis on plants in the landscape. The Program is accredited through the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET).